GE2020: The State of Play

You will be forgiven for initially assuming that GE2020 would be a boring affair given the Covid-19 pandemic. However, many events have happened that bear closer inspection ahead of us heading to the polls this Friday. Here is my take on many of the myriad issues in play for this election: The Televised Debate Jamus won the debate, there’s no question about it. With his … Continue reading GE2020: The State of Play

GE2015: Voting Wisely

Today is Cooling Off Day, after a memorable eight days of election rallies. As prescribed by the Elections Department, this 24-hour period is to allow voters time to consider the issues raised at the General Election in an objective and rational manner before heading to the polls. Implemented at the last General Election in 2011, the constant refrain of the Government is that it is critical for the … Continue reading GE2015: Voting Wisely

GE2015: The Expectations of the Opposition

Singapore is presently in the midst of the chaos (some might say party) that is the General Elections. Last held 4 years ago, it is viewed by all and sundry as a check on the pulse of Singaporeans: Do they still support the ruling party to be their Government? A Brief History of Singapore: This year is Singapore’s 50th year of Independence. Since 9 August 1965, … Continue reading GE2015: The Expectations of the Opposition