The World can’t always be better. But You can.

I live in Singapore. Other than Singlish and our food, do you know what we are famous for? Complaining. We are notorious for this. Every little thing that happens to us is an opportunity to hem and haw about how hard life is and how bad things are for us. Complaining does serve some purpose, and it is always better to let off steam rather … Continue reading The World can’t always be better. But You can.

Putting Things in Perspective

Everyone has problems. It’s an unavoidable part of life. Some of us will probably share the same worries or face the same crises. But that’s where the similarity ends. Once exposed to the problem, different people react to them in different ways. Some fall apart, wrecking the rest of their lives in the process. Others manage to barely contain it, undergoing a constant struggle somewhere … Continue reading Putting Things in Perspective