Stop Procrastinating. Start Living.

We’ve all been there: That nagging feeling at the back of your mind, the sense of unease you get when there’s something you know you should be doing, but aren’t. It could be as trivial as undone household chores, or it could be as life-changing as undergoing a mid-career switch. Whatever it is, procrastination is a problem that plagues all of us, and it will … Continue reading Stop Procrastinating. Start Living.

How to Stick with your New Year Resolutions

It’s a brand new year, and with it comes the same old same old: Making resolutions to keep for the year. However, many of us don’t bother with this because we know resolutions don’t work. How do we know it doesn’t work? Well, we hear stories of failure from our friends, and we read about it in lifestyle magazines about how hard it is to keep to … Continue reading How to Stick with your New Year Resolutions