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Welcome to the Thoughtlets page! This page will be an ever-growing list of Thoughtlets which you can quote and share with your friends!

What is a Thoughtlet, you may ask? Well, a Thoughtlet is basically a short observation or question designed to showcase certain realities or make us consider issues and see them in new ways we hadn’t seen them before.

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Without further ado, here is the list, which will be constantly updated:


  • To be overly critical is to showcase your own insecurity.


  • Advice that people give you is not what is best for you. It is what is best for the person giving the advice – if he were in your shoes.


  • Failure is not a sudden event – it creeps up on us day after day, as we make small decisions poorly one after another. After time, it adds up. The same goes for Success.


  • When asked to consider a suggestion given by a superior, take them at their word. Consider it, but only follow it if it makes sense to you.


  • Upset people who find comfort in talking about their problems with others seek only assurance in their belief that they are justified in being upset by the problem in the first place.


  • Start with the end in mind and you will immediately know what’s necessary to get there. Be ruthless and cut everything else that is unnecessary.


  • The difference between failure and success is the exact same difference between “nice-to-have” and “necessary”.


  • Respect is mutual. It goes both ways. People in positions of authority need to realize this, instead of blindly expecting it from others by virtue of their position.


  • A sure way to lose my respect is to demand it from me without respecting me in return.


  • If everything is urgent, nothing is important.


  • A lack of time is a lack of priorities.


  • How do you prevent success? The first rule is that you need to fear failure. The second rule is that you need to be in self-denial about the first rule.