Putting Things in Perspective

Everyone has problems. It’s an unavoidable part of life. Some of us will probably share the same worries or face the same crises. But that’s where the similarity ends. Once exposed to the problem, different people react to them in different ways. Some fall apart, wrecking the rest of their lives in the process. Others manage to barely contain it, undergoing a constant struggle somewhere … Continue reading Putting Things in Perspective

Why Gender Equality Matters

Equality is an ideal many of us like to think we strive for. It’s the same reason why we love underdogs – why we feel an innate sense of injustice when we hear about people being oppressed. But throw the word gender into the mix, and suddenly these very same people start taking sides. Feminists, chauvinists, and those who believe everyone should just accept that … Continue reading Why Gender Equality Matters

Dominique Lee and Benjamin Lim: Playing the Blame Game

Singaporeans may have read about two interesting cases highlighted in the news recently: The attempted suing of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and two of its officers by the family of the late Pte Dominique Sarron Lee, who died from an allergic reaction to smoke grenades during a military exercise, and the case of 14 year-old Benjamin Lim, who committed suicide shortly after being released by the Singapore … Continue reading Dominique Lee and Benjamin Lim: Playing the Blame Game

How to Stick with your New Year Resolutions

It’s a brand new year, and with it comes the same old same old: Making resolutions to keep for the year. However, many of us don’t bother with this because we know resolutions don’t work. How do we know it doesn’t work? Well, we hear stories of failure from our friends, and we read about it in lifestyle magazines about how hard it is to keep to … Continue reading How to Stick with your New Year Resolutions

The Value of Superstitions

Superstitions. Like it or not, they are a fundamental part of life. Whatever community you live in, they will be there. Your Western friends will tell you to take good care of that mirror you have in your room, lest you break it and suffer seven years of bad luck. Meanwhile, your Chinese friends will tell you not to let that same mirror face your bed, lest your soul gets stolen … Continue reading The Value of Superstitions

Investing in Stocks 101

I’ve covered in a previous article that most Singaporeans won’t ever have enough to retire despite working all their lives, and I’ve also dealt with certain money myths that keep most of us from acquiring enough money to meet our financial goals in another article. The first article covered the When (When will we have enough money?), while the second article covered the Why (Why do we … Continue reading Investing in Stocks 101