The World can’t always be better. But You can.

I live in Singapore. Other than Singlish and our food, do you know what we are famous for? Complaining. We are notorious for this. Every little thing that happens to us is an opportunity to hem and haw about how hard life is and how bad things are for us. Complaining does serve some purpose, and it is always better to let off steam rather … Continue reading The World can’t always be better. But You can.

Stop Procrastinating. Start Living.

We’ve all been there: That nagging feeling at the back of your mind, the sense of unease you get when there’s something you know you should be doing, but aren’t. It could be as trivial as undone household chores, or it could be as life-changing as undergoing a mid-career switch. Whatever it is, procrastination is a problem that plagues all of us, and it will … Continue reading Stop Procrastinating. Start Living.

The Importance of Being Independent

Some people think that being independent means you have to do everything yourself. This simply isn’t true. No man is an island. Trying to do everything yourself is inefficient and ineffective. What being independent really means is this: If you were left to your own devices, what activities would you engage in of your own volition? In other words, what will you keep doing because … Continue reading The Importance of Being Independent