Will Success Make You Happy?

What do people want most in life? Some may say they want riches, some may say they want love, and still others want power. While power and love might seem very different, they all essentially represent the same thing: Success. People want to be successful. But if you think about it even deeper, people only want to be successful because they believe that being successful … Continue reading Will Success Make You Happy?

Behavioral Finance: Timing the Markets

Buy low and sell high. At first glance, this mantra makes a lot of sense. Get something for a cheap price, then sell it to someone else at a more expensive price and pocket the difference. Everyone knows this, but most people in the market end up losing money anyway, leaving only a select few who are able to make consistent gains. Let us call … Continue reading Behavioral Finance: Timing the Markets

Pokemon Go: Boon or Bane?

Over the past week, Pokemon Go has taken our tiny island nation of Singapore by storm. Images of crowded playgrounds and other hotspots called “Pokestops” have flooded social media, and almost everyone you bump into on the street these days is playing the game on their phone. But amidst all this enthusiasm, there have been some voices who have expressed less than positive sentiments towards … Continue reading Pokemon Go: Boon or Bane?