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Do you have a burning issue you wish to write about? Do you want to get a head start in writing and publishing articles online?

The Thought Experiment is looking for promising writers to contribute their work! Send us your ideas or articles to, and look forward to seeing them published on our website for all to see! However, please take a look at a few Frequently Asked Questions below to prevent any misunderstandings…

Concern #1: I can’t write to save my life, but I still want to highlight or raise an issue. What can I do?

Answer #1: Tell us about it anyway! While we can’t promise that we will accede to every request to write to every suggested issue, we will try our absolute best to ensure that your message gets out there!

Concern #2: I am an aspiring writer and I want to contribute an article to The Thought Experiment. How will I be recognized for my contribution?

Answer #2: Articles submitted to us will be reviewed to see if they contain any aspects which may make for unsavory reading. The Thought Experiment reserves the right to edit and publish works submitted to us. If published, a note will be made at the end of the article to state the contributor (unless of course he or she prefers to remain anonymous)!

Some other important points:

The Thought Experiment reserves the right to decide whether contributed articles continue to be displayed on our website, or are taken down for various reasons. That said, we will try our best to make as few edits as possible to the contributions to preserve the original style and intentions of the article, and will by and large respect subsequent requests from contributors to take the article down if they no longer wish it to be published on The Thought Experiment.

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