Pokemon Go: Boon or Bane?

Over the past week, Pokemon Go has taken our tiny island nation of Singapore by storm. Images of crowded playgrounds and other hotspots called “Pokestops” have flooded social media, and almost everyone you bump into on the street these days is playing the game on their phone. But amidst all this enthusiasm, there have been some voices who have expressed less than positive sentiments towards … Continue reading Pokemon Go: Boon or Bane?

Analyzing the NUS Fiasco

The fiasco surrounding the National University of Singapore (NUS) orientation camps has cast a harsh spotlight on how local universities welcome fresh undergraduates into their new school lives. There are some who feel the decision by NUS to shut down orientation week was too heavy-handed, letting the hard work put in by the various student bodies organizing the activities go to waste due to the … Continue reading Analyzing the NUS Fiasco

Dominique Lee and Benjamin Lim: Playing the Blame Game

Singaporeans may have read about two interesting cases highlighted in the news recently: The attempted suing of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and two of its officers by the family of the late Pte Dominique Sarron Lee, who died from an allergic reaction to smoke grenades during a military exercise, and the case of 14 year-old Benjamin Lim, who committed suicide shortly after being released by the Singapore … Continue reading Dominique Lee and Benjamin Lim: Playing the Blame Game