Behavioral Finance: Timing the Markets

Buy low and sell high. At first glance, this mantra makes a lot of sense. Get something for a cheap price, then sell it to someone else at a more expensive price and pocket the difference. Everyone knows this, but most people in the market end up losing money anyway, leaving only a select few who are able to make consistent gains. Let us call … Continue reading Behavioral Finance: Timing the Markets

Investing in Stocks 101

I’ve covered in a previous article that most Singaporeans won’t ever have enough to retire despite working all their lives, and I’ve also dealt with certain money myths that keep most of us from acquiring enough money to meet our financial goals in another article. The first article covered the When (When will we have enough money?), while the second article covered the Why (Why do we … Continue reading Investing in Stocks 101

Money Myths Debunked

Money is the root of all evil. Or is it? This article aims to challenge commonly-accepted notions about money, and to make readers ask themselves: Are we being limited by our self-defeating beliefs about money? In a previous article, The Thought Experiment examined the feasibility of whether working Singaporeans had enough to retire. We concluded with the harsh truth that for most Singaporeans, being able to … Continue reading Money Myths Debunked

Do Singaporeans Have Enough to Retire?

This article is aimed at working Singaporeans who are in their twenties and thirties. People in this category are either just starting out their careers, or reaching a stage where their career is starting to go somewhere. It is also in this life stage that several important milestone events occur: getting married, buying a house, buying a car and last but not least – having … Continue reading Do Singaporeans Have Enough to Retire?