The Importance of Listening

If you had to choose between being a good talker or a good listener, which would you rather be? The gift of gab is the most commonly associated trait with achieving success in life. Without the ability to talk and convince people with your ideas, you’ll never get anywhere in your career, and the same goes for your social and even romantic life as well. … Continue reading The Importance of Listening

How to Stick with your New Year Resolutions

It’s a brand new year, and with it comes the same old same old: Making resolutions to keep for the year. However, many of us don’t bother with this because we know resolutions don’t work. How do we know it doesn’t work? Well, we hear stories of failure from our friends, and we read about it in lifestyle magazines about how hard it is to keep to … Continue reading How to Stick with your New Year Resolutions

The Value of Superstitions

Superstitions. Like it or not, they are a fundamental part of life. Whatever community you live in, they will be there. Your Western friends will tell you to take good care of that mirror you have in your room, lest you break it and suffer seven years of bad luck. Meanwhile, your Chinese friends will tell you not to let that same mirror face your bed, lest your soul gets stolen … Continue reading The Value of Superstitions

Guest Article: What is Passion?

This is a guest article contributed by Song. Interested in contributing an article to The Thought Experiment? Read more here, otherwise enjoy reading his work! When people speak of passion, they often refer to it in a positive light, as in the case of a strong enthusiasm or love for something. However, also defines passion as ‘any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, such as … Continue reading Guest Article: What is Passion?

The Power of Ideals

When you hear or read the word, ‘Idealistic’, what are the first few thoughts that spring to mind? Chances are, you may have heard others voicing out certain adjectives that have become synonymous with the word in recent times. Adjectives such as ‘Unrealistic’ and ‘Naive’, with perhaps the odd ‘Impractical’ thrown in. It is clear that in today’s world, being seen as idealistic carries with it a certain negative connotation. … Continue reading The Power of Ideals