Be a Traveler, not a Tourist

What do you picture in your mind when I say the word: Vacation? Well, let me take a guess. Oftentimes, due to our busy work schedules, we find it hard to take many days of leave. We are indispensable, you see – the company we work for would simply crumble to dust without us. So we take careful note of public holidays which make for … Continue reading Be a Traveler, not a Tourist

The Importance of Being Independent

Some people think that being independent means you have to do everything yourself. This simply isn’t true. No man is an island. Trying to do everything yourself is inefficient and ineffective. What being independent really means is this: If you were left to your own devices, what activities would you engage in of your own volition? In other words, what will you keep doing because … Continue reading The Importance of Being Independent

Putting Things in Perspective

Everyone has problems. It’s an unavoidable part of life. Some of us will probably share the same worries or face the same crises. But that’s where the similarity ends. Once exposed to the problem, different people react to them in different ways. Some fall apart, wrecking the rest of their lives in the process. Others manage to barely contain it, undergoing a constant struggle somewhere … Continue reading Putting Things in Perspective

Why Gender Equality Matters

Equality is an ideal many of us like to think we strive for. It’s the same reason why we love underdogs – why we feel an innate sense of injustice when we hear about people being oppressed. But throw the word gender into the mix, and suddenly these very same people start taking sides. Feminists, chauvinists, and those who believe everyone should just accept that … Continue reading Why Gender Equality Matters