What is The Thought Experiment?


The Thought Experiment is for people who enjoy reading about ideas and concepts. The topics discussed cover a wide range of subjects, from politics to relationships, and even the odd observation about human nature.

The Thought Experiment is based in Singapore, and this may lend some of the articles written a decidedly Singaporean flavour. However, it is our hope that the content found here will be applicable not only to Singaporeans, but every person on this planet.

The concepts that are put forth here are ever-changing, and it may well be that old ideas may be eschewed in favour of new theories as fresh insights are perceived and reflected upon. For every issue, there will be arguments for and against it – we will try our very best to provide an even-handed analysis that covers both sides of the coin.

Our Mission:

The goal of The Thought Experiment is simple: We want to get people thinking. It is entirely possible that a viewer may disagree with the points made in some of our articles, and that is a good thing! The Thought Experiment is under no illusion that what we say is the be all and end all of things. We wholeheartedly encourage a healthy and constructive debate on our articles, for it is only through such discussions that we get collectively closer to an improved understanding.

Our Vision:

We envisage a world where people have a deeper understanding of who we are and our place in the cosmos.

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If you enjoyed reading the articles featured here, don’t keep it to yourself! Good things must be shared, and we are always happy to reach out to more viewers interested in our content.

We hope The Thought Experiment gets you thinking!

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